World History Re-Examined
Date: Wednesday, January 12 @ 21:19:43 UTC
Topic: Africa

By Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.,

World history is ever evolving subject to various interpretations, new information, written documents, oral transmissions and an assortment of other variables. In the case of Afrikan world history, the complete or accurate story has yet to be told. There are many reasons for this. The prevailing and primary reason is the wholesale interpretation of world history by people of European descent, their control of the textbook publishing industry, with the transatlantic slave trade serving as the philosophical undercurrent. In order to justify the trade, Afrikans had to be redefined as non-human, dismissing and shifting their ancient and early achievements, erroneously crediting Europeans. All of this was fueled by the disdain of Afrikan people by several European scholars and writers, motivated by the evolution of racism/white supremacy.

The greatest fear of those presently in control of global affairs is that Afrikan world peoples will intellectually evolve and realize they once ruled the world and have the capacity and resources to initiate worldwide influence. Many would consider just that thought unbelievable, and threatening. Knowing that Afrikan people were the chosen people to give the world humanity is no longer conjecture, but scientific fact. Though kept from most historical writings, it is slowly gaining ground that Afrikan people were given the original human intelligence to craft various creations allowing humanity to grow and progress.

It is this intelligence and creativity that allows the world to presently enjoy such useful gifts as science, mathematics, engineering, technology, family, parenting, spiritual thought, architecture, agriculture, philosophy, education and much more. Many prominent scientists and scholars of European descent know this, including several misguided people of color, who use every ingenious technique to withhold or change historical facts that could inspire and/or motivate Afrikan people to no longer accept historical falsehoods. More significant, totally rejecting any notion of being inferior to anyone.

One of the central tools of disguising facts in world history is to promote the highest religious deities, whether east or west, as European-like. A serious and honest investigative effort would reveal that no major deity came out of Europe. There is absolutely no credible evidence anywhere to prove any major deity even looked European, unless interpreted from a European perspective, such as the works of Michelangelo of the 16th century. Attempting to project the Creator and all major deities as European types, transitions into people of European descent creating the major advancements in the world, using world history and the history of science to authenticate their claims.

The most effective propaganda and vicious struggle and debate in academia is to constantly press the false impression that the original peoples of the Nile Valley, specifically Kemet (Egypt), were of European descent. This began when Napoleon Bonaparte, self-proclaimed emperor of France, along with his military and scientists, invaded Kemet (Egypt) in July 1798 and won the 'War of the Pyramids.' They were overwhelmed the land they conquered was not only the world's oldest and most accomplished ancient civilization, but was created and inhabited by black Afrikans. Part of the physical and artistic evidence was reflected in huge statues, papyri and numerous paintings in every temple. This was absolutely unacceptable, particularly since the Pope in Rome, in the 16th century, the supreme European authority, deemed Afrikan people non-human; an edict that ignited the transatlantic slave trade.

To propagate one of the supreme hoaxes of ancient history, Napoleon's scientists, and others, created the science of Egyptology. The theoretical premise of this newly created discipline was to prove that Kemet (Egypt) was not created, established or inhabited by black Afrikans, except as slaves. This stimulated a destructive campaign of physical objects. Efforts were made in Kemet (Egypt), and even Phoenicia, to disfigure the noses and lips on major statues so as not to reveal their Afrikan characteristics; such as The Great Sphinx. During the Roman conquest of Kemet (Egypt), the last dynasty called the Ptolemies, removed heads of several statues, replacing them with Roman emperors.

European anthropologists, realizing it would be nearly impossible to change all Kemetic art and artifacts moved to create and redefine certain human types. A prime example was categorizing black people responsible for the establishment of Kemetic (Egyptian) civilization as the 'Mediterranean race,' defined: dark-skinned white people. This was their way of justifying black skin in Kemet, but claiming the accomplishments for whites.

Other than the peculiarities of the slave trade, this was a main contributing factor in the creation of racism/white supremacy. Unfortunately, a large number of the world's people, particularly in the West, still believe the original ancient Kamites (Egyptians) were European types. Some believe the present day Arabs, who invaded Kemet (Egypt) during the 7th century A.D., were the original inhabitants. This is as inaccurate as Europeans claiming the same. A precise historical chronology clearly shows that ancient Greece, Rome or Arabia did not exist during the golden era of Kemetic (Egyptian) civilization.

Until real historical facts of Afrikan ingenuity and creativity are incorporated and projected in so-called mainstream media and academia, there is no hope of racism/white supremacy ever disappearing from human existence.

Kwaku Person-Lynn is the author of On My Journey Now - The Narrative And Works Of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, First Word: Black Scholars, Thinkers, Warriors, Knowledge, Wisdom, Mental Liberation. Web:

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