Of America and Europe Power and Military Might
Date: Friday, December 10 @ 00:00:00 UTC
Topic: Africa

By Bantu Kelani
December 09 2004

Due to powers politics and struggle over the control of resources in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, the Imperialist United States and Europe generally favor policies of strength and martial glory. What is going on around the world today is the neo-colonial rule of the United States, and Europeans.

At this time of the 21st Century, black people generally are weak. They cannot achieve anything, even ideologically because of their inability to gain military power. In fact, the Imperialists atrocities in Africa and in the African Diaspora reveal the sheer weakness of black nations of any capacity of self-defense. This disastrous inferiority makes the global powers more willing to denigrate, to persecute and impose unproductive systems on black people nations.

As it readily known Africa is assigned a service role: to provide resources, cheap labor, market opportunities, and export pollution. For the last 300 years, the United States and the European powers have maintained colonial holdings and strategic plundering in Africa guaranteed by securing in continental Africans the psychology of dependence. This is something that is getting very little news in the Western media which is not surprising when one considers the traditional way the Western Media has rationalized black people as relatively cowards, lazy and dumb.

If anything, the Media bias dismiss the topics of African nations suffering abominable human rights abuses and serious human lives losses associated with economic exploitation and valuable resources. Similar lack of concern is granted to the incapacity of black African nations to exploit possible economic profits to arm themselves better to secure their peace and security.

Every passing year allow the stronger, the more powerful nations on Earth (mainly the hyperpower United States) to exploits their economic wealth on the willingness to spend heavenly on new military technologies, precision guided-munitions, biotech weapons (the American microbiologists have been developing strains that are resistant to any vaccine or treatment under the pretext of protection against bioterrorism..HIV/AIDS?), and communications and intelligence gathering for Western covert operations in the Third World countries.

Therefore, the transatlantic alliance can be more effective in going to war and ensuring their way. This makes sense form a power factor in foreign relations perspectives. Diplomacy, reason and humanity are not of their interests, the priority to maintain control of the World natural resources is their sole agenda. In fact, the ideals of "Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité," and multilateralism consensus are a sheer factor of utopia ! Ultimately in power politics, everything is about natural resources, and Oil. Hence the blessings of the neo-liberalism of others is the horror, poverty, disease, and wars of others.

In the coming years, Africa and its peoples at home and abroad will suffer further crimes of "democratic capitalism." As there is at this time issues of British trying to destabilized President Mugabe regime, their machinations responsible for the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea, the French military occupation of Ivory Coast and in Sierra Leone, the Western forces fueling wars in the DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, the Sudan and many more places in Africa and in the black Diaspora in continuing their Cold War foreign policies of political instability.

The International powers cannot be bargained with. Their policies are developed to control economic superiority achieving anything to gain it to the point of supporting harsh regimes, overthrowing popular leaders, propaganda, military punishment actions, denial of International law, killing of innocent civilians in weak nations, and punitive economic sanctions.

The United States and Europe feel no pity, or remorse or fear. Absolutely nothing will stop them ever, until black people start to value ideological and military programs for active defense with forces capable of eliminating the allies' aggression. Clearly black people need to be willing to make a revolutionary shift in priorities instead of continuing to establish the failure of diplomacy and appeasement with the rogue Western nations.

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