The Centrality of Africa to the Defeat of Global Zio-White Supremacy
Date: Friday, February 15 @ 20:57:51 UTC
Topic: Africa

By Harold Green
February 15, 2008

For the last 500 years, Africa has been the economic engine that has propelled Euro/American development from one generation to the next, and from one century to the next. In his classic treatise "Capitalism and Slavery", Eric Williams outlines the systematic rise of Europe's economic power, starting from the latter part of the 15th century, when its' itinerant hordes began marauding Africa and other parts of world, as it sought to change the fortunes of a cold, hostile and not so blessed continent. Despite Europe’s, and subsequently America's claim, that their successes were due to their own ingenuity and inventiveness, the historical record suggests quite a different story.

I am not going to recount the 500 year episode of global white supremacy's genocidal assault against the world, but focus rather on how Europe plundered resources, both human and non-human, significantly from Africa, and how this uninterrupted 500 year siege of Africa, sustains Europe and America as world economic powers today.

We cannot, of course, overlook the inverse affect that this assault has had on Africa itself, wherein a multitude of genocides have occurred, the full measure of which has yet to be documented and revealed. In just the 50 year post-colonial period alone, some 30 million Africans it is estimated, have lost their lives as a direct result of this ongoing global white supremacist death grip, There has been no conflict in Africa in this 50 year period, that has not in some way, been connected to this ongoing assault, not what happened in Rwanda in1994, nor what has been taking place in the Congo for the last 10 years. Even the recent violence in Kenya is not without links to this legacy.

As Mahmoud Mamdani stated in his book about the Rwandan genocide: "When Victims Become Killers", that it did not began in 1994, but in 1884, and that the event has to be understood through the logic of colonialism. For it was the horrors of colonialism and now neo-colonialism, that produced these genocidal impulses we see playing out in Africa today.

Another unfortunate legacy that colonialism left in Africa is this comprador class of African elites who currently rule their respective countries as if they were colonial occupiers. They are in fact part of the neo-colonial apparatus, just as they were appendages of the colonial apparatus. This is the class of Africans who overthrew or assassinated revolutionary and visionary leaders like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, Amilcar Cabral in Guinea-Bissau, Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso, and a long list of others, all at the behest of their neo-colonial masters as they facilitate the impoverishment of their fellow Africans. We are reminded of Fanon's prescient analysis from 'Wretched of the Earth" that; "The last battle of the colonised against the coloniser will often be the fight of the colonised against each other.” This legacy or treachery must be destroyed.

Kwame Nkrumah, in his book: "Neo-colonialism: the Last Stage of Imperialism", talked about how the forces of Western imperialism lead by United States financial institutions, i.e., the World Bank, has as part of it's agenda, not just the control and exploitation of Africa's resources, but this systematic impoverishment and decimation of African people. I am convinced, that the forces of global zio-white supremacy will not rest until they are able to march across Africa stealing resources, without the inconvenience of African people being there. If this were to happen, all bets are off for the rest of us of course. This isn't some idle paranoia on my part, but a paranoia substantiated, not only by what we see taking place in Africa, but also by documents such as the memo issued by Henry Kissinger when he was National Security Adviser to Gerald Ford calling for strategies to decrease global population with a particular emphasis on Africa.

Given the myriad of conflicts in Africa, all of them the result of this outside influence, and not based on "ancient ethnic conflicts" as is often and racistly reported in the white media, this attempt to depopulate Africa is real. This on top of the multitude of Africans who die needlessly everyday, as a result of poor infrastructure, lack of access to clean water, healthcare, medical experimentation, etc.

The latest threat to Africa, which really is an old threat manifesting itself in a new way, is the creation of AFRICOM. AFRICOM will be problematic on any number of levels. One only has to look at the Ethiopian/US invasion of Somalia to see why this is something that we cannot allow. The U.S. is already involved in military exercises and training with any number of African countries. Countries such as Ethiopia, of course, but also Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and others. Djbouti already has a large U.S. military base capable of housing 1800 men. The result will be a militarized continent with African armies serving as mercenary forces protecting U.S. interests. Some of these countries like Angola, you think, would know better given how the U.S. directly supported its enemies during it's fight for independence. There are a growing number of mercenary companies setting up operations in Africa as well.

It should be noted that the same Neocons who have been directing U.S. foreign policy for the last 8 years, are also the driving force behind the U.S. push into Africa. Elliot Abrams of Iran Contra fame, in his role as director of Near East and African Affairs in the State Department, is the Bush administration point man for this agenda. Abrams has deep ties to Neocons organizations such as: PNAC, The Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies, American Jewish Committee, the Hudson Institute, etc.

Another growing threat to Africa is the increasing presence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Many of them despite altruistic sounding names, are nothing more than fronts for intelligence gathering operations or trojan horses for multinational corporations. The most ominous of these NGOs, is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has sponsored family planning programs (population reduction) throughout Africa and has recently joined forces with the Rockefeller Foundation project called: The Alliance for the Greening of Africa. This scheme, with backing from bio-tech firms such as Monsanto and Syngenta, will attempt to impose on Africa, genetically engineered plants and animals. It will then enable Bill Gates and the Rockefellers to control food production on the continent. They will use traitors like Kofi Annan to promote this agenda. We must fight to defeat this scheme.

There are some NGOs that play constructive roles in Africa. I personally know many people who have gone and moved to Africa and have done positive things, such as building schools, libraries, clinics, etc, through NGOs and non-profits they have set up. But, it must be understood, we are not going to non-profit and NGO Africa out of the many challenges it faces.

We cannot underestimate the incredible amount of wealth and power that the forces of global zio-white supremacy derive from Africa. Power I might add, that they then use to continue to oppress and terrorize the rest of us in the African Diaspora. When one considers the amount of key minerals such as iron ore, copper, bauxite, cobalt, coltan, titanium, enriched uranium and now oil, that both Europe and America need from Africa just to keep it's most basic of industries going, we must then acknowledge, the centralness of Africa in defeating this menace. I am clear that the major battle ground, and, in fact, the final battle ground for the defeat of global zio-white supremacy, will be on the continent. But time is of the essence.

So we Pan-Africanists must develop a logic and a strategy, for creating a critical mass of resistance on the continent, connecting with and aiding of course, the various resistance movements already taking place in countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, The Congo, Cote d' Ivoire, Ghana, etc. Not to the neglect of the various struggles we are engaged in the Diaspora. I emphasize, nonetheless, that when global zio-white supremacy is defeated and destroyed in Africa, it will make victory for our various other struggle's in the Diaspora, much more easier to achieve. Whether we are fighting here in the belly of the beast, in Haiti, in West Papua, in South and Central America, wherever this plague is infecting African life.

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