The blinded ones
Date: Monday, August 14 @ 21:24:24 UTC
Topic: Dread

By Eja
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In all things
transformation is enhanced
by the light of the Sun
In things that are alive
growth and health
is promoted
by the light of the Sun
In things that are dead
the multiplication
of organisms
that live off dead matter

From this aspect
from this cycle
of nature
comes the explanation
of why some souls
exposed to the truth
instead of flourishing
towards positivity
become more fervent
in thier decadence
become more determined
in the pursuit
of evil conclusions.
The revealations
the righteous signs
that were meant to speed
the evolution of spirits
to a higher level
are misconstrued
in order that they may justify
thier ugly actions.

when they are done
stomachs full
tight and rumbling
from the bitter fruits
of thier labours
pain-filled eyes dart around
looking for who to blame.

as in the past
night did not fall
before those who followed
blind pathfinders
up a mountain
realised thier error

the survivors will not learn

They do not ask
the midget
why he has picked up
a giant's load
They do not ask
the hypocrite
why he took up
what was beyond his strength
with such a hearty shout and
they will not blame themselves
who have accepted
in the shadows
goods that they know
are stolen.

they will blame the load
for being too heavy
they will blame the things
they stole
for being too attractive.

"You rebelled against the seasons
You rejected the cycle
of plant and harvest
In the course of your rebellion
you decapitated the highest mountains
dug out the hearts
of sacred valleys
and buried your abominations
in the source of a mighty river.

You placed the 'treasures'
you wrenched
from the Earth
in your castles of sand and
from the heights
of your assumed power
you dole out to each
according to status
against the rules of nature."

"Lean on this"
they say
"And watch your pain dissipate
in the fumes"

Green fire
fanned by tubecular breath
Brings to life a vision


In this town
the streets are well lighted
But the spirits of the ones
Who walk the paths
Are inpenetrable

This is the night land
Here fear equals power
And justice knows it's low place
In the heirachy

Warriors with knuckles
of steel
Gather by monuments
of suppurating flesh
And command thier god
"Justify our sins!"

The gateway to a place
of sanctuary
The warriors stand guard
But they will not prevent entry
Because they know
One must be insane
To seek sanctuary
In a place whose entrance
After you step inside

They stand guard
Because it was prophesised
That one day
a way out will manifest
To the insane legions
Who once sought sanctuary
In this place

From that day on
The prophecy said
The insane will outnumber
the sane

The world will be turned
Upside down

Chosen warriors stand guard
Men with a bottomless appetite
For slaughter
Because on that day
when hell vomits
That day
The ones who will stem the flood
Must be ones who can drink
an ocean of blood

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