The foundation of Justice
Date: Tuesday, August 30 @ 12:05:28 UTC
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"The foundation of Justice is Love".

I will start by saying this: when we speak of reparations, we are speaking of Justice. But, if the saying above is true, if "the foundation of Justice is Love", then how can we pursue it within this current dispensation? Where -in hearts filled with hate- are we to find this thing (Justice)?

What is Love?

The reason I have disagreed with the ones who fling this word/concept about with little care i.e. the OneLoveLoveOneAndAll crew) is because I know that when these speak on 'love', what they mean is 'forgive our sins against you', 'accept our values', 'be colour blind and trust that we will eventually be so too', 'integrate yourselves into our systems' and 'let us have sex'.

Where, in all this is Justice?

Mirror mirror...
If the "foundation of Justice is Love", then where in Africa have we seen leaders showing this to the people? In how many African Diaspora communities do we see this? We have warlords, gluttons, drug dealers, con-men (in the fields of culture, religion and economics), pimps (likewise) and whores (again, likewise) who do not even love themselves (talk less of their communities), so, of what use are reparations to these? Would they even recognise it if they saw it or, would they only see the next Lexus and bunch of jewelry?

This though is not me saying that to pursue reparations is a futile endeavor. I actually see it as an essential task. However, it is also necessary to decide in what form these reparations should come, who administers it, and who gets it. Three questions there, and time to shift perspective just a little bit.

A little detour to talk on one interesting matter; about how, from these three questions, mischief making demons saw an opportunity to work their divisive magic. So, we hear about how Africans were partners to 'whites' in the slave trade. So, how could they talk on the subject of reparations? Well, I would recommend this to the imbeciles hooked on that line; use your powers of discernment and recall. The people taken as slaves were Africans, not Jamaicans, Americans or Haitians. The people who were whipped to the coast, whipped across the Sahara desert, were Africans. The people who went through that middle passage were Africans. And, even after they got to their destinations, they remained Africans. It was only after the nature of 'white' imperialism changed that they were branded with the false identity that some still embrace to this day. The trade in African bodies which existed for four hundred years across the Atlantic Ocean still goes on today across the Sahara desert.

Profiteering from African misery still goes on today in the Niger Delta and other pieces of hell also known to westerners as 'favorable investment opportunities'. Hells echoed/echo across that same Atlantic Ocean that once carried stacked bodies. Hell in the Congo, hell in Haiti.

Africa is one. This is a fact that will accept no negotiation, no explanation; if you do not understand or you do not agree or you wish to be acquainted with the reasoning behind this statement, then stop reading. This is not for you. I am not talking to you and I do not give a damn about your opinion on this matter: Africa is one.

I say that Cote d'Ivoire, Martinique, Liberia, Antigua, Sudan, Barbados, Nigeria, Aruba and Mauritania are the temporary names of branches from this one eternal tree. I say to the Caucasian and the Arab, you did not make us so you cannot name or define us. And, to the ex-Africans presently employed as salesmen/bum boys by the inheritors of the Greco-Roman Judaic 'civilization', I say this: "I pity your weakness".

From here, we can move on to the subject of repatriation. This is a must. Especially from areas that are numerically and culturally dominated by 'whites'. The proof is plain for all to see: living in the midst of these species has been the cause of various manifestations of insanity in African minds. Our soul is allergic to their vibrations.

Africans must leave these places and, this is where the role of governments on the continent of Africa comes into play. It should be an inviolable part of all national constitutions that Diaspora Africans have the right to return to any part of Africa if this is what they choose. They should have the same rights to political representation/participation as the 'indigenes', and have the same property rights. No African should have to ask anyone's permission to live in any part of Africa.

In their part, Diaspora Africans should learn from the mistakes made by 'Americo-Liberians': do not come in as colonists. Do not come in with the idea that you are entering a 'heart-of-darkness' which only a western (i.e. Judeo-Christian) mind can illuminate. We already have enough of those mad fools coming out from amongst us. Do not separate yourselves from the ones you meet here, exchange knowledge/experiences with them. Learn their language; when you can speak as they speak, then you will overstand their world.

Africans must leave Britain, Holland, France, Canada and the Caucasian regions of America. In those countries/regions where they are a majority, Africans must start identifying where they are as a part of Africa. Just as 'whites' in the U.S.A. see themselves in a continuum with Greece, Rome and the rest of Europe, so Africans must see those places that were built on the labour of their ancestors as theirs by right. Repatriation should start meaning more than merely returning to the soil of Africa. Do so if you wish, but, leave room within these demands for another interpretation that says, Africa is wherever an African lives in freedom to express his/her culture.

Africans must take their worshipful senses out of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the other demonic temples that masquerade as gateways to paradise because repatriation is not only about where your body ends up but, also about where you got the foundation stone of your inner temple from.

Back now to talking on reparations and of how from the moment African minds gained awareness of the injustice being done, the first cries for this went out. Those cries for freedom were demands for reparations. 'Freedom' here to be defined as the return to a path of your own choice. But, how can you return to that path when it is overgrown with thorny weeds? And, how can you clear the path when you do not have the resources to obtain the necessary tools?

So, on the matter of Reparations, I propose this initial step forward: accept that for too long, we have allowed the slave masters and their stooges to define/confuse what justice is. Let us clear our eyes of the blinding muck and realise that we had/have a system of Justice and, I say we can bring those who have offended us before the highest courts of our Nation - our people.

We should file charges in Abuja, Brasilia, Dar -Es -Salaam, Georgetown, Harare, Kingston, Kinshasa, Washington DC, etc. We should file these charges on the behalf of the countless souls whose lives were turned into misery - cut short and dragged into hell. We should charge the European countries that seeded the U.S.A., Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana, Martinique, Aruba, etc. for the misery they benefited from. We will charge the countries that colonised Rhodesia, Tanganyika, Mozambique, Congo Free State, South Africa, etc. for the hells they cultivated.

By bringing these charges forward, we will be unleashing a mighty tool of education. This is what those who have spoken against the pursuit of reparations are ignorant/afraid of. IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT MONEY. It is about the awakening of awareness and the acknowledgement, in 'black and white', that this world as it is, was built on the bones of our ancestors and is currently being nourished with the blood of our families.

Reparations are not something we need to beg for. We do not need to explain to anybody why they should, 'out of the goodness of their heart', pay up. First and foremost, we need to secure judgements in the most important court of Law (the hearts and minds of Africans worldwide). This will take the issue -in terms of concrete realizations - from probable to inevitable. And, from the moment this judgement is secured, it will be easier to tell one who claims to be a leader of us but will not demand what is ours to crawl back into whatever part of a 'white' backside he/she dropped out from.

All our people need to know this, from the deserts of Mauritania to the beaches of Martinique, Africa is one. Africa must become one. From the children in nurseries to the ones in universities, Africa is one and Africa is owed - not owned, never will be owned - by 'whites' of any tone. With one voice, we are saying to the slave masters, "Your time is up, but before you go, pay up."

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