The Wrong Concept Of God
Date: Friday, March 25 @ 09:24:28 UTC
Topic: Dread

By Ras Jahaziel


Because of what we were taught for a very long time, we sort of expected that God was going to come and change things, but every God that came just visited for a short while and then left us in the same situation. As is the custom with slave people, our weakness of spirit has often caused us to worship messiahs rather than be INSPIRED by messiahs. When the messiah has ascended, we find ourselves gazing into the sky or passionately intensifying our icon-worship in the hope of salvation.

Little have we realized that messiahs always disappear so that followers would put an end to EXTERNAL worship and find the might and power within.

Therefore it could be said that: a messiah's power to break the chains of oppression only becomes possible when his people reach a point of SELF-KNOWING whereby they are able to stand with FIRM CONVICTION IN THE RIGHT.

Without this important realization, it is easy to become disillusioned and believe that your rights are beyond recover by any means other than by buying them, and it is easy to believe that "it is vain to even waste time talking about getting back your rights in the right way."

Because of this long infatuation with external Gods, there will always be disappointment and disenchantment when such Gods disappear without bringing the long hoped-for change, and the hope for justice grows dim and ultimately slips away.

As a result of such disillusionment, there are now fewer people knocking forcefully on the doors of Babylon and demanding their rights, there are fewer people studying how to obtain justice, there are fewer people struggling determinedly with their minds set on recovering their stolen inheritance, and there are more people studying how to get enough money to buy their rights. David has now told himself, "Goliath is too big, guess it makes more sense to pay Goliath for a pass to a safer place."

From out of this frame of mind there developed a concept of repatriation that is not much different from the days when slaves would work extra hard for the slave-owner and save their pennies to buy their freedom after many years. Without any thought of struggling for reparations, repatriation became limited to the idea of raising enough money to convince neo-colonial African governments that you are "the right sort."

A people who have been robbed of so much for so long, and confined to hell on both sides of the Atlantic, now find themselves weighing the options between HELL HERE AND HELL THERE because their internal God is still locked down in prison.

In the era of U-ropean-imposed globalization, when Black hell has been globalized to the point that Blacks have been robbed and left empty-handed in every single land, it seems so totally God-forsaken that the children of the slave, after so many brutal years of enslavement, should now in the twenty-first century be caught between hell here and hell there. The questioning mind must really ask, "Can the God of JUSTICE do no better?" After slaving for close to five hundred years to build the white manís kingdom, can we now go back empty handed to the wreckage that has been left after the rape of Africa and say with confidence that the God of justice lives?

Were we wrong to expect our external Gods to bring justice, or do we have to internalize God and stand with the power and might that will make justice happen on earth?

Have we been guided by the wrong concept of God that caused us to lose hope in justice because God did not bring it when he came?

And now here we stand at the dawning of the twenty-first century like weary deserted souls, every-one of us desperately seeking refuge SOMEWHERE ELSE, only to discover that black sufferation is everywhere. What a tragedy that "going to Zion" had to mean exchanging one hell for another hell. It becomes an even greater pity if those that formerly decried the inequalities of Babylon find themselves on returning home being viewed enviously as a better-off class because of "the advantages of having been enslaved on a richer plantation."

This is a situation that really calls for a total re-examination of our whole concept of God, because we must ask ourselves, to what extent is our present concept of God influenced by the plantation interpretation that was designed to keep us passive, humble, docile, law-abiding, long-suffering, and non-participatory in the process of African liberation?

What are the consequences of worshiping the external icon above and before The Internal?

What happens when the deceiver slips some of the slave masterís doctrine into the speeches of the icon and tells you "Hey, see it here in this speech, your icon said this."?

When to justify exploitation of the masses the speech says, "There will always be rich and poor because there are those who do not like to work" you will not be easily able to identify this as a slave masterís doctrine that has been stuck in unawares, because blind worship of the external demands that you do not question "Godís words."

Though it is plain before your eyes that the majority of the worldís poor are the hardest workers and their poverty is certainly not their just desserts, but rather a result of being robbed and exploited by the rich who work the least, you will not question the validity of such statementsÖ because they are "Godís words."

When you look back through the past four centuries on the plantation, you will realize that your parents and your parentís parents, your uncles, and your aunts, and their parents have always been working hard. And yet, four generations later their descendants are still the poorest. Then you get to realize that in the slave-masterís system, hard work has never paid anyone except "The Boss" and "The Owner." The truth is that in the slaverís system, getting rich is more the result of oneís ability to exploit someone elseís labor rather than actually working hard your self.

But if your worship of The External is greater than your attunement with The Internal, you will fear to confront error if it has by some means found its way into "Godís words." Countless numbers over the ages have stifled their own inner voice of truth just because of their reverence for that which has been sanctified as "Godís words."

What does this have to do with Repatriation and Reparation? It has everything to do with them, because their proper fulfillment demands that we find power within. Ever since the first days on the plantation we have been locked down under a religious spell that serves to keep us weak and powerless. This spell disembodies our own Internal God and fixes our gaze on the external in search of salvation. Even when we attempt to rename God we still find ourselves more attuned to the outer than the inner, and therefore we never connect to the power. This is very serious, because we could find ourselves so preoccupied with "the book that has Godís words" that we do not hear the voice of the LIVING I that is speaking to us from right next door.

We have been the most religious and the most devout worshippers of External Gods, and this has caused us to take pride in being "long-suffering" while being very hard working for the "Lord" that owns all the land and waiting for "God" to do his miraculous work.

That is why four hundred years have come and gone and Black suffering still keeps increasing, and instead of committing ourselves daily to the task of African liberation, we wait for miracles from outside ourselves.

Over the past four hundred years, roughly 99 percent of our time and labor has been devoted to making "The false owners" rich, and very little if any has been dedicated to the active struggle for African liberation. We have not seen the necessity to strengthen ourselves with THE SERIOUS WARRIOR DISCIPLINE that is required to make the power of "God" manifest. That is why despite our efforts to intensify our devoutness, nothing has changed for the better. Things only keep getting worseÖ.and the slave master keeps getting richer.

That is the way the slave-master planned it. That is the way the preacher taught it, and that is the way how our people bought into it.

The real God-power that resides within got stifled. It got suppressed and bottled down, and now for many, this marvelous genie is nowhere to be found.

Excessive and exclusive focus on the external icon of God is bound to blind any people to their personal responsibility. In fulfillment of the slaverís plan they will be non-participatory in the struggle for African liberation. Their first tendency will be to slink away from the battle field and search for "a safe hiding place," while hoping that "God" will miraculously take care of the oppressor.

It is time to reclaim your mind and let no one else be its pilot. It is time to balance religious zeal with consciousness.

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