Huge Floods in Guyana, help out if you can
Date: Wednesday, February 02 @ 13:27:07 UTC
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Posted by Gman

As you may or may not know the country I grew up in, Guyana 'The Land of Many Waters', has faced massive flooding due to non-stop rainfall for one week straight a few weeks ago. Up to 300,000 people are affected by this, whether they have lost their homes, livelihoods, or lives in the case of some people. Anyway anybody familiar with Guyana knows that people have been struggling and suffering there from long time; this (while I look at it as a gentle warning from Mama, if anything) ain't making things no easier. So, as with the tsunami in Asia, as with the hurricanes which mashed up Grenada and other islands, I just trying to publicize this and let people know that help is needed.

As soon as I determine what organization is best to donate to, I need to get a little benefit show on over here for my peoples. Any other Guyanese Diasporan out there, let's do the same.

Several G.T. Rasta people have pointed out to me that our communities are especially affected because for one thing, many of us are strict vegetarians and there is little veggie food being supplied in relief efforts. I would not recommend that anyone donate any money directly to the Guyanese government or any organization controlled by them.

So much trouble all over the world.
Give thanks for life.

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