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    Racism Watch: Afrika: The Other Side of The Coin
    Posted on Tuesday, April 19 @ 21:49:46 UTC by admin

    Africa The Caucasian international conquest of Africa in 1885 and in 2011 – the Great Deception.

    By Udo W. Froese
    April 19, 2011 - udofroese.wordpress.com

    The most propagated, celebrated, defended and honoured deception in world history is that Caucasians, the international West and its Judeo-Christian civilisation and history, care for Africans, Orientals and Asians. The deceivers receive the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ to honour such propaganda.

    Such pathological propaganda bestows the Caucasian conquistadores with the absolute divine powers and self-righteous rights to enforce their perception of “democracy”, “human rights” and “free market economy” upon all those, who have been written off as “warlike, savage tribes, ravaged with tribalism, ethnicity, HIV Aids, ancestor worship and heathens” and are therefore “several steps lower on the ladder of evolution”.

    On the second day of April 2011 the media in South Africa lead its news bulletins with the headline that the white-colonial, racist-fascist convicted murderer and former Afrikaaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader, the late Eugene TerreBlanche, was murdered a year ago. This is a clear demonstration of the importance South Africa’s media attaches to colonial racism and fascism. The same media wages its war-of-attrition against souvereign neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and Swaziland, using its airwaves to wonderingly ask, why there is no “civil unrest” similar to Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya.

    As authors David Martin and Phyllis Johnson documented in their book, “The Struggle for Zimbabwe”, “Explorers and missionaries like David Livingstone laid the groundwork by propagating the popular illusion in Europe that the “Dark Continent” was inhabited by warlike, savage tribes who were several steps lower on the ladder of evolution. European guidance was necessary to bring “civilisation” to Africa, and the role of the church was to convert Africa’s ‘heathen hordes’ – a task which, in he hands of quite unscrupulous churchmen, was not in the least at odds with Rhodes’s passionate imperialist and expansionist plans to exploit the supposed mineral wealth of Mashonaland and other areas to the north.”

    It is on record that the global diamond cartel benefited hugely from and therefore, certainly assisted with the financing of the international ‘cold war’ waged in Angola. It bought diamonds from UNITA and its terrorist leader, Jonas Savimbi, until 1998. It was monitored that Savimbi traded Angolan diamonds for arms in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, since Nelson Mandela was elected as President of South Africa in May 1994. No media reports labelled the global diamond cartel as dabbling in blood and conflict diamonds, fuelling a war in Africa.

    Rwanda too, underwent a holocaust in the 1990s. As it has been widely reported, close to one million people were slaughtered. At one stage, it was seriously alleged that the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, had had wind of it before it was started, but had kept quiet. Despite such allegations, Annan became secretary general.

    The same diamond cartel flourished under South Africa’s colonial-apartheid occupation of Namibia, exploiting the country’s diamond resources to an extent that a judicial enquiry was set in place to investigate ‘Consolidated Diamond Mines’ (CDM) diamond productions on Namibia’s south-western coast near Oranjemund in 1984. Judge Theron headed the judicial enquiry into CDM’s mining activities then. The report’s findings were damning, but it was quickly swept under the carpet.

    Again, no international Western “human rights” NGO protested and no “Kimberley Processing” (KP) certification was hurled against the colonial-apartheid regime in Pretoria.

    The entire SADC region underwent a holocaust under South Africa’s colonial-apartheid dictate during the ‘cold war era’ when about 15 million Africans were killed up until May 1994.

    One needs to further ask, where did all the diamonds mined during the late Mobutu sese Seko’s Zaire end up? Who were the dealers, cutters and polishers in Antwerp, Belgium; Tel Aviv, Israel; Johannesburg, South Africa; India; Zurich, Switzerland; London, UK, who all made good money from diamonds dug out with bare hands, sold for a nickel and a dime, keeping up abject poverty in Zaire (today’s Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC)?

    When Belgium’s King Leopold II had conquered the (Belgian) Congo in the late 1900s, he had accepted that land as his own private fiefdom. History revealed that under the Belgian King ten million Congolese were murdered between 1890 and 1910. Meanwhile, the King and his country in Europe had become immensely wealthy. That was an historic holocaust indeed. And, in the early 1960s colonial Belgian troops and their mercenaries butchered the popularly elected Congolese president Patrice Lumumba to death.

    Much later, another “civil war” was waged in the DRC from 1993 until 1997 with flare-ups, lasting beyond 2000. That holocaust cost almost nine million human lives in that region. There was no outcry against the diamond trade from the DRC then and no global diamond cartel manipulated sanctions against the forces that waged war in the DRC, masquerading as rebels.

    Democratic Republic of Congo’s murdered head-of-state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Laurent Kabila, asked Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe for military aid against those marauding foreign forces in his country. The requested aid was granted. Zimbabwe with 14 000 soldiers present then was singled out by the international West for atrocities in the diamond rich areas of the DRC. The diamond trade went on. The KP certification was not yet used as a carrot-and-stick method to take full charge of the global diamond production.

    Meanwhile, Zimbabwe entered the foray of diamond producers. Zimbabwe’s diamond wealth became the biggest in the world. Many foreign investors showed their interest to invest in the country’s diamond fields. Zimbabwe’s finance minister Tendai Biti declared, the diamond fields have the full potential to solve three quarters of the country’s budgetary shortcomings. However, there is a company, African Consolidated Resources (ACR) owned by the Rhodesian-Australian, residing in South Africa, Andrew Cranswick, that openly threatens every interested investor to “stop dealing with the dangerous issue” of investing into the country’s diamond fields. Cranswick further threatened that his London attorneys would sue anyone who decided to ignore his warning.

    The South African resident is openly against the souvereignity of Zimbabwe under president Mugabe and his ZANU-PF government, assuring everyone that Zimbabwe remains under sanctions of the United States of America, Britain and Europe, particularly its diamond production. His close friend, MDC-T financier Roy Bennet, is also in the forefront calling for sanctions against the country he chose to live in. Together they lobby tirelessly against the black-African souvereignity of the country the exploit to the hilt in the name of international Western democracy, free market economy and human rights.

    “Livingstone and others fostered an image of Africa which by the time of the Berlin Conference of 1884 – 5 had provided an excuse, or moral argument as it was no doubt then seen, to colonise Africa or, as the French described it, to embark on a ‘civilising mission’. (Rhodesia’s Ian Smith once declared, “Africans should be grateful for their conquest, as the Europeans brought Christianity and civilisation.”) The Berlin Conference opened the door to invaders, adventurers and mercenaries by insisting that a European power must ‘effectively occupy’ a territory before it could claim souvereignity over it. That decision precipitated the ‘scramble for Africa’ in which the Europeans, portrayed as liberators who ended the slave trade and brought peace, brutally enforced their will and enriched themselves while crushing African political, economic and cultural autonomy, relegating the Africans to new forms of slavery and denigrating traditional authority and values.” This is another excerpt from the book “The Struggle For Zimbabwe” authored by David Martin and Phyllis Johnson.

    Since then nothing has changed. The Roman Catholic Church and its Anglican brother, the Rhenish- and Finnish missions remain political churches, similar to the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa uphold the conquistadores’ status quo. They have prepared the lands for the foreign occupational interests and their benefactors.

    In the case of Zimbabwe and Swaziland in southern Africa, the conquest is not yet over. Trade Unions, “civil society” with their overt and covert backing of the International West, its sanctions and more particularly “Operation Final Push” to achieve a fast regime change in Zimbabwe, while Mugabe is still at the helm, is similar to the uprisings in North Africa, the Mid East and eventually Iran. Such ‘civic mass unrest’ is currently marketed in the SADC and more particularly in South Africa’s media against its souvereign neighbours Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

    From the onset, good faith was deliberately and intentionally excluded from the agenda. Before the Global Political Agreement (GPA) was signed, the MDC-T together with their alliance partners, including the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) unanimously called for the banning of the sale of Zimbabwean diamonds. They continue to allege that “atrocities of genocidal proportions” were occurring in the Marange fields.

    Interestingly, gold, platinum, chrome, copper, coal and other resources from Zimbabwean soil are not affected by such calls for sanctions.

    Zimbabwe, like most African countries, is being held to ransom until “pro-democracy governments and structures”, overtly and covertly created, structured, guided and financed by foreign interest groups and their international Western governments assume the reigns of government.

    How ethical is that, considering that the global diamond cartel has found a new word?

    By the way, how ethical are covert operations, organised crime syndicates and Mexican drug money laundering by American and British banks, as reported by Bloomsbury?

    Considering all above, how ethical are the threat of “operation final push” and the marketing of it in Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries? How ethical is the global media rollout of its campaign of disinformation targeted at Mugabe and his government? How ethical is an opposition that calls for international sanctions against its own kith and kin, hoping to eventually get a slice of the diamond cake? Would those ‘prophets-of-ethics’ and ‘preachers-of-deception’ not consider that one-day their deceptions would be accused as acts similar to ‘blood libel’?

    The diamond might be advertised as a girl’s best friend, but it has become man’s worst enemy indeed.

    Source: http://udofroese.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/the-caucasian-international-conquest-of-africa-in-1885-and-in-2011-%e2%80%93-the-great-deception/

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